LED 001

LED-001 Use Tag for VAT costs computation

Date: 2017-12-01




We need to record the VAT components of transactions in our ledger system. The VAT value can be different for each position in a transaction therefore the VAT information shall be defined on each part of a transaction.

The value of the VAT is computed based on the VAT percentage. The percentage can change over time due to regulatory changes.


We will support tags at the transaction entry. The tags are a triplet [namespace:]name[=value] format. We recommend the namespace "fin", the name "vat", and a text identifier has value.

The current values are: 1. F1 for VAT invoiced at 8% and paid to the state at 7.1% 1. F2 for VAT invoiced at 7.7% and paid to the state at 6.9%


  • Ontology based on tags are not validated through a type system.

  • Checks have to be implemented to guaranty adequate level of tracking.