Ambitious Missions need Disruptive Thinking

Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast

We are passionate coaches and engineers. We are experts on agile transformation, technical excellence, and agile product development. We support organizations with ambitious missions.

We promote the digitalization of the society and organization’s processes. We believe innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society.

We support our clients to increase their innovation and delivery processes through agile approaches and technical excellence. We found out this mostly boils down to technical excellence, leadership, culture and organizational structure.

The most effective approaches so far to improve are Lean and Agile approaches. We truly believe agile approaches are a huge improvement in the workplace and the competitiveness in the marketplace. We promote

  • Software craftsmanship at the individual level,
  • Scrum, sometimes Kanban or XP at the team level,
  • LeSS at the product and departmental level,
  • Lean, Beyond Budgeting, Sociocracy at the organization level,
  • Our technical expertise is in domain-driven design DDD and the modern Java stack.

We provide onsite trainings, workshops and coaching of agile software development teams.