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  • Eliminate Your Printer

    2022-09-10 in 2022

    Eliminate Your Printer In an increasingly technology-focused world, the demand for businesses to digitize has grown dramatically. So, what does it mean to digitize your business? Essentially, it means incorporating technology into your business …

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  • ArchUnit

    2022-09-01 in 2022

    Verifying Software Design Constraints with ArchUnit How often have you experienced a well-defined and understood software architecture on paper? And it falls apart when developers start implementing it? While re-architecting recently legacy …

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  • Transfer a Software Project

    2022-08-15 in 2022

    Transfer a Software Project You developed a new digital product for an internal or external customer. Your solution is awesome. The product is released to delighted users. Your users love your solution. The project is now winding down and closing …

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  • How to Detect Fake Scrum?

    2022-08-01 in 2022

    How to Detect Fake Scrum? Some organisations are adopting agile and Scrum approaches simply because they see competitors doing it. In these situations, there is rarely a desire to adopt a new mindset and culture, or motivation for true change. A …

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  • Would You Enjoy Being a Scrum Master?

    2022-07-04 in 2022

    Would You Enjoy Being a Scrum Master? Scrum is the most popular approach to create awesome new digital products. Perhaps you are thinking of pursuing a career as a Scrum master. You read the Agile Manifesto and memorized the 12 Agile Manifesto …

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  • Modular Monoliths are the new Graal

    2022-06-10 in 2022

    Modular Monoliths are the new Graal A modular monolith is a software design approach in which a monolith is designed with an emphasis on interchangeable and potentially reusable modules. A modular monolith can be splitted in the future into a set of …

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  • Software Structure with DDD

    2022-06-01 in 2022

    Software Structure when using Domain-Driven Design Domain Driven Development DDD is the preferred software architecture approach for designing digital products. The method nicely matches with the operational concepts of microservices. Domain-driven …

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  • Measurements and Units

    2022-05-01 in 2022

    Measurements and Units JSR-385 could have saved Mars Climate Orbiter[2] in year 1999. Accidents in computer applications happen again and again due to calculation errors. The International System of Units SI, commonly known as the metric system, is …

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  • Introducing DevOps Ideas

    2022-04-21 in 2022

    Introducing DevOps Ideas Your organization heard of DevOps, and your developers clamour you should adopt the approach. Each organization I talk with has some DevOps initiative. Often because they read that DevOps approach puts customers and end-user …

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  • Digital Product Manager

    2022-04-15 in 2022

    Being a Digital Product Manager Effective product management is driven by a customer-centric mindset. The customer is placed at the center of every decision. Supported by tools and techniques such as design thinking, this mindset focuses the entire …

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