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  • Bus Sensors and Actuators

    2023-12-14 in 2023

    Your embedded system has a set of sensors and actors. Some sensors and actors are connected to a bus. Typical buses are CAN bus, Serial Peripherical Interface, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or I2C standards. The bus is a shared medium used to communicate …

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  • Sensors and Actuators

    2023-12-12 in 2023

    Embedded design maps domain abstractions to the underlying hardware. A temperature sensor is a domain abstraction of a physical hardware temperature sensor. A valve is a domain abstraction of a physical hardware valve. A physical valve can be a …

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  • Command Interpreter

    2023-12-10 in 2023

    Most digital products have a command interpreter. External systems send requests to the system and often await an answer. A command interpreter can model this behavior. The channels used to transmit requests and return answers are variable. Messages …

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  • Semantic Commits for the Impatient

    2023-12-02 in 2023

    The conventional commits specification is a lightweight convention on top of commit messages. The additional information classifies the type of work performed in the commit. A developer infers the importance of the task by looking to the type of the …

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  • Gradle Good Practices

    2023-12-01 in 2023

    Gradle Build Tool is a fast, dependable, and adaptable open-source build automation tool with an elegant and extensible declarative build language. Java is the primary supported programming language. Gradle Build Tool is a popular build system for …

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  • Static Website Improvements

    2023-11-20 in 2023

    The static website build tool Hugo is awesome. The extensive built-in feature set of Hugo and the feature-rich text-formatting options that Asciidoc offers creates a blogging experience composed of easy content management and fun writing experience. …

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  • Pragmatic Java Application Design

    2023-11-15 in 2023

    I attended the 20th edition of the Devoxx Belgium conference in Antwerp. I heard about beautiful examples of how to design complex software applications written in Java. The solutions scale to hundreds of thousands of users, are resilient to network …

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  • C4 and UML with PlantUML

    2023-11-10 in 2023

    You are creating an awesome digital product. The software part shall work flawlessly over the years. Technology changes will be added to the product. Legal changes and security improvements are implemented in a timely manner over the years. This …

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  • Java Certification

    2023-11-01 in 2023

    Java expertise is in high demand for all kinds of projects, ranging from big enterprise software implementations down to little web projects. A huge number of enterprise applications are developed in Java. But will those employers want you to have …

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  • 20th Devoxx Belgium Conference 2023

    2023-10-06 in 2023

    I attended the highly anticipated 20th edition of Devoxx Belgium 2023. Building on the success of the previous year, which attracted over 3,200 attendees, this five-day technology conference is set to exceed expectations. The fresh release of Java …

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