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  • Actors in Cpp

    2024-06-10 in 2024

    There is a strong need for higher-level frameworks ensuring safe concurrent programming. The Actor Model is one of the best approaches to safe concurrency and legible code [1]. The model is based on Message Passing. Although multiple actors can run …

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  • Daily Scrum Questions

    2024-06-01 in 2024

    The daily Scrum meeting is a key event for the development team. It is a time-boxed event of maximum 15 minutes. The developers find out if the Sprint Goal is still achievable and what are the identified impediments to be tackled. Often the …

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  • I Love My Nerdy Job

    2024-05-20 in 2024

    I am a computer science engineer. I love to solve problems and provide cool solutions to users [1]. I love my software development job. I am already sixty years old. I started programming before I was 20. And I still tremendously love developing …

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  • Actor Model

    2024-05-10 in 2024

    Concurrent programming has always been tricky. Accessing a shared state from multiple threads is a central problem, where hard-to-catch errors may easily appear. Protected access to identified shared variables is easy to realize. Mechanisms to avoid …

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  • How to Document Your Software Architecture

    2024-05-01 in 2024

    You are creating the next digital software masterpiece. How can you document your software architecture in a way that is useful for your team and stakeholders? A software architecture document SAD is a document that describes the structure of a …

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  • Modern Java Rant

    2024-04-20 in 2024

    The Java community releases a new version every six months. This is a good thing, it means that the language is evolving at a steady pace. New language features are added in each release. Much effort is put into improving the performance of the JVM …

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  • Structure Your Concurrency

    2024-04-01 in 2024

    Writing concurrent software is one of the greatest challenges for software developers [1, 2]. A professional software developer must understand the principles of concurrent programming and the tools available to write concurrent software. Only …

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  • Asciidoc and Hugo Website Improvements

    2024-03-15 in 2024

    The static website build tool Hugo is awesome. The extensive built-in feature set of Hugo and the feature-rich typesetting that Asciidoc offers provide a blogging experience composed of easy content management and fun writing experience. Source code …

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  • Nice Statechart Diagrams

    2024-03-10 in 2024

    What are statecharts, also called hierarchical state machines? Put simply, a statechart is a beefed-up state machine [1] [2]. The syntax is formally defined in the UML standard. The beefing up solves a lot of the problems that state machines have, …

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  • Java Modules

    2024-03-01 in 2024

    Java 9 introduces a new level of abstraction above packages, known as the Java Platform Module System JPMS, or Modules for short [1]. Modules emphasize at compilation time modern software engineering principles such as encapsulation, and modularity …

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