Java Certification

2023 11 01 head

Java expertise is in high demand for all kinds of projects, ranging from big enterprise software implementations down to little web projects. A huge number of enterprise applications are developed in Java.

But will those employers want you to have related certifications?

Even if you are not looking to move any time soon, getting certified boosts the value that you can bring to your organization.

Certifications can be a great bargaining chip when it comes to negotiating a raise or a promotion.

Preparing for the certification

The current Java SE 17 Developer examination process and examination goals are well-documented. Beware that only one examination exists. The same certification applies for developers pursuing a first certification, and for the developers upgrading to the current LTS version.

Exam Details Syllabus

Code: 1Z0-829

Duration: 90 minutes

Passing score: 68%

Prerequisites: None

Number of questions: 50

Type: multiple choice

Cost: $244 - CHF 225

  • Controlling program flow

  • Utilizing Java object-oriented approach

  • Exceptions

  • Managing concurrent code execution

  • Using Java I/O API

  • Accessing databases using JDBC

Your preparation approach shall be tailored to how you prefer to learn. You can attend a course or read a book.

The OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-829 is a great and cost-effective resource. You have access to all materials for less than forty dollars.

The book provides a registration to a wiley account where you will have access to a test bank. Once activated, access to the test questions is available for one year for free [1].

This book is for anyone from high school students to those beginning their programming journey to experienced professionals who need a review for the certification.

Mockup Questions

Try the various online mockup questions to get a grasp of the certification examination.

The OCP book contains a full set of questions and answers.

You will often find answers to Java questions on Code Ranch. The authors of the book are providing hints on the discussion panel.

Taking the examination

I strongly recommend attending an onsite examination. The setup is more convenient than the online version of the test. The cost of the test in Switzerland is around CHF 225.

You will receive a public badge upon successful completion. Interested parties can confirm your certification when provided with the link. You can, for example, publish your certification badge on the LinkedIn platform.

Lessons Learnt

  • Read all chapters of the book to prepare for the examination.

  • Train with mock questions. Do not focus on memorizing the questions.

  • Try to relax during the examination. Do not stay too long on one question.

    Each question has the same weight for passing the examination. Answer first the questions you find easier.

    At the end of the test, reconsider the answered questions and either find or guess an answer. With some luck, you get a few more points.

If you are a senior Java developer, you probably do not need to renew your credentials. You already have shown you reached the expected level.

The value of taking the updated examination each time a new Java LTS version is released is not clear for me. Investing in the certification every two years has no measurable return on investment. You will not get a salary increase in Europe for a renewal.

Find a more effective approach to learning the new features of the Java language and environment.

1. The registration process will verify that you own a copy of the book.