Technical Team Lead

2021 07 03 head

I lately had to explain to customers what are the responsibilities of a technical team lead. Managers often grasp the people aspects embedded in the words team lead. The understanding of the word technical is strangely often missing.

A technical team leads coaches and teaches the subtleties of the used technology stack to his team and organization. This person should be able to create or review a software architecture. He has a deep understanding of technological concepts.

More importantly, he can write productive source code. Ideally, she should Pair Program with team members or Mob Program with her whole team.

A technical team lead must be technically savvy.

Job Description

Here is a standard Job Description for a Java technical team lead as often published on job platforms.

We are looking for an experienced Java technical lead to be responsible for providing solutions for technical issues which may affect product delivery. The Java technical lead will facilitate requirement analyzes, conduct peer reviews and provide feedback, and enhance frameworks.

To be successful as a Java technical lead, you should demonstrate sound knowledge of industry best practices, good organizational and leadership skills, and proficiency in Java technologies. A top-notch Java technical lead should have good analytical skills, the ability to anticipate issues and frame remedial actions, and excellent teamwork skills.

Java Technical Lead Responsibilities

  • Performing requirement analyzes.

  • Developing high-quality and detailed designs.

  • Conducting unit testing using automated unit test frameworks.

  • Identifying risk and conducting mitigation action planning.

  • Conducting configuration of your own work.

  • Reviewing the work of other developers and providing feedback.

  • Using coding standards and best practices ensuring quality.

Java Technical Lead Requirements

The candidate has a bachelor or master degree in engineering, information systems or related.

  • Extensive experience in the IT industry.

  • Sound knowledge of estimation techniques.

  • Excellent knowledge of Java and web services.

  • Sound knowledge of Java technologies.

  • Good understanding of unit testing methodologies and agile approaches.

  • Excellent analytical skills.

  • Exceptional communication skills.

As an Internet example, please see Java Technical Lead Job Description. You can also find job descriptions under Indeed and Glassdoor. Similar examples can also be found under LinkedIn.


Below a description of the responsibilities for a technical lead. A technical lead is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Hiring and training technical personnel

  • Delegating work to team members

  • Collaborating with their team to identify and fix technical problems

  • Analyzing users' needs and then finding applications to serve them

  • Creating end goals for their team

  • Checking that software and applications are updated

  • Supervising system modifications

  • Conducting security and governance audits to identify areas of improvement

  • Guiding their team through technical issues and challenges

A technical lead is responsible for helping their team members with the technical aspects of their jobs, such as coding and programming. They may also explain new projects to their team and troubleshoot any problems that occur. In comparison, an engineering manager is more focused on managing their employees. They are responsible for business growth and team deadlines, and they typically serve as their team’s representative to the rest of the company.

As an engineering manager, you need to have excellent people management skills and be able to assess your team’s long-term goals. While you are more likely to work hands-on and focus on day-to-day tasks as a technical lead.