Agile Organizations

Agile approaches and techniques to upgrade your process and organization to a more agile way of working
Digital Delivery

Our Scrum Masters and agile coaches help organizations develop a foundation of Scrum good practices and grow the internal expertise needed to become a true learning organization.

  • Teach Scrum, Kanban on the job
  • Formulate a vision, a roadmap, a release plan and act on
  • Create a team contract and definition of done DoD
  • Continuously improve team effectiveness
  • Growth your Scrum masters and product owners to high performers

Agile Techniques

Expertly trained agile and Scrum teams are critical to your company’s business agility. Our intensive workshops will help your agile teams become highly effective.

  • Nurture high-performance teams
  • Establish a DevOps culture
  • Merge agile teams and software craftsmanship techniques
  • Help your Scrum masters and product owners become talented change agents
  • Define work approaches between agile teams and the organization

Scaling Agile

We accompany your organization to implement agile through the whole product development cycle. Multiple agile teams develop and effectively deliver products. Leadership teams learn how you deliver twice the work in half the time.

  • Identify efficient coordination ways between teams
  • Install a requirement organization for multiple teams with the area product owner
  • Deliver multi-team applications of high quality and often
  • Promote a learning culture

Agile Organizational Design

We help you design an agile process that fits your needs. We focus on sharpening your vision and delivering quick changes that bring quick results. We give you the support you need — but not more than you want.

  • Provide kick-off workshops
  • Deliver role-based coaching
  • Perform health checks