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A behavior-driven development library that provides a custom extension based on the JUnit 5 Jupiter Extension Model. This library can be used to create and run stories and behaviors as BDD specification tests.

The library is a developer-first approach. Developers write acceptance tests to validate the functions they have implemented. The generated report provides a living documentation of the features and allows customers to validate the acceptance criteria.

The library is compact and integrated with JUnit 5 without disrupting TDD approaches and continuous integration pipelines.

Download and Documentation

You need to add JUnit 5 dependencies before using this library. If you are using Maven or Gradle, add the following dependency after declaring the JUnit 5 dependency. We recommend using assertJ assertion library to write more legible conditions.

The library can be included in Maven as


The library can be included in Gradle as

    testImplementation "net.tangly:bdd:0.2.8"

The documentation can be found under BDD documentation.

For any further questions, you can use the forum tangly-Discussions.

An overall article is available under Behavior Driven Design.

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