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The tangly ui erp component provides a Vaadin based user interfaces for enterprise applications written in Java. The component is using records and requires Java 17 or higher.

Currently, we are moving at the bleeding edge of our components. Therefore, to build and execute the ERP application, please do:

    mvn jetty:run

The initial username and password are 'administrator' and 'aeon'.

The file in …/main/resources directory tailors the configuration of the application, mainly the location of data. The file contains comments for new users.

The Maven POM file is used to build the application and run it because the Gradle Jetty plugin crashes.

Download and Documentation

The library can be included in Maven as


The library can be included in Gradle as

    implementation "net.tangly:ui:0.2.7"

The documentation can be found under UI documentation.

For any further questions, you can use the forum tangly-Discussions.


You are welcome to contribute to the product with pull requests on Bitbucket. You can download the source files from the bitbucket git repository and build the library with the provided gradle configuration file.

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, please use the issue tracker.


The source code is licensed under Apache license 2.0.

The documentation and examples are licensed under Creative Common (CC Attribution 4.0 International).

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