Smoke Tests

Smoke Tests

The goal is to test the ERP functionalities in a quick and efficient way. The smoke tests are a subset of the test cases that are run on the ERP system to ensure that the most crucial functions of a program work. The smoke tests are run to determine if the ERP system is stable and can be used for further testing.

The tests are:

  1. Login to the ERP system with the default user

  2. Load the TSV data for each bounded domain. The files contain all data for the tangly llc company since its inception. No errors should be displayed in the log trace.

  3. Generate all invoices since 2015-01-01 for the company. The invoices are generated with QR code and the EN 16931 embedded information.

  4. Generate efforts reports for marcel baumann on two projects per month for a whole year.

  5. Visualize the analytics graphs defined in the customer domain.

The execution of all tests is a manual activity and should take around 10 minutes.

Validate invoice JSON files with JSON Validator.