Collaborators Design

Collaborators Bounded Domain

Domain Model



As a collaborator I have a work contract with an organization. The organization provides legal insurances, social insurances and pension funds. The minimal coverage is defined by law in Switzerland. Companies are free to provide additional services.

I shall receive a yearly legal salary form documenting my salary and paid insurances. The form is a key document for the Swiss tax declaration.

Pension Fund Individual Rebate

Pension funds can offer a rebate for each collaborator based on non-documented rules. The pension funds must provide a rebate based on legal requirements to ease the burden of cotisations for older collaborators.

Our domain model shall provide a mechanism to track these yearly individual rebates. The rebates have an impact to some positions in the yearly legal salary form.

Social Insurances

Social insurances are a percentage deducation of the salary of each collaborator. The percentages can be modified on a yearly basis. The percentages are dependant of the salary of the collaborator.