User Guide tangly ERP



The tangly ERP application promotes the various open source components our tangly company develops, supports, and publishes.

We are a strong supporter of the eat your own dog food approach. The application is used to run daily business and all financial processes of our company. All data since the inception were moved in the application. This approach is ideal for the industrialization and validation of all features.

We are proud to provide quite a few advanced functions in the released application.

  • Full support of the Swiss 2D barcode payment solution for all invoices issued for Swiss customers,

  • Full support of digital invoice data based on the EN 16931 standard for all interested customers. The standard is also know as Factur-X and ZUGFeRD version 2.1 in France and Germany. E-invoices are mandatory for some business in Germany and France. Switzerland is a slow adapter.

  • Sliding windows for all financial reports to support rolling financial planning and reporting. Beyond Budgeting Round Table advocates similar approaches for digital and agile company-wide transformation.

The first objective of Factur-X is to enable suppliers, invoice issuers, to create added-value e-invoices. The e-invoices shall contain a maximum of information in structured form, according to their ability to produce them in this form. Let the customer recipients free to use the invoice data or the readable presentation, depending on their needs, and their invoice process maturity on automation.


The application provides independent components to manage all aspects of a service company

Customer Relationships

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Products and Projects

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Articles and Invoices

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Financial Accounting

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