OS 009: Use HSQLDB as an SQL DB

OS-009 Use HSQLDB as an SQL store

Date: 2022-01-01




OS 009 head

Applications regularly need to store information in a persistent store. A proven approach is to use an SQL database solution for such activities. The Java ecosystem supports a relational database with libraries.

The JPA approach provides an object relational mapper. The JOOQL approach has a genuine mapping of SQL statements to type verified Java expressions.


The HSQLDB SQL database java solution is the preferred choice when an application needs to store data in a relational store.

Beware the preferred persistence mechanism is Microstream.


The advantages of the solution are: * A simple java library packaged as a jar file provides all the need functionalities. * The implementation provides an SQL standard compliant solution * the application can embed the database server. This is a preferred approach in domain-driven design solutions. * No runtime license costs are required. The deployment on virtualized and cloud platforms is hugely simplified.

The drawbacks are: * Best of breed products such PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL server are not preferred solutions. Operations departments have extensive experience with these products but none with HSQLDB. * The size of the database is limited. The current limitation is in the level of tens of terabytes.